River Road Boogie, Augie Garcia

"Among a strong cast, Ricardo Vázquez shines, easily justifying being the recipient of the Ivey's 2013 Emerging Artist Award. His singing and dancing are so pumped with energy, talent, and charisma, that from the first time out we know Augie has what it takes to soar high. Vázquez's Augie is shy and awkward, and then romantic with Nancy, both goofy and driven with his bandmates, anguished as he relives his war experience, naïve dealing with music promoters, rebellious against his parents' traditions, respectful toward his beloved Tio Frank, and self-assured in taking hold of his own destiny. Vázquez knits these facets together to create an original and eminently likable full-blown character." - Talkin Broadway

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Elliot, A Soldier's Fugue, Elliot Ortiz

Ricardo Vázquez gives a stunning performance as Elliot. We feel deeply his yearning to connect with his Pop, the relief he experiences from the gentle touch of his mother, and his terror upon finding himself in a war where the enemy dwells in shadows. We wince with him when he suffers a serious injury, we grieve for the anguish he must swallow upon killing another man—a presumed "hostile"—for the first time. In the title role, Ricardo Vázquez ably colors the many hues of Elliot, who starts the play as a cocksure young narcissist and ends with a different, more defiant swagger. Along the way, Elliot battles his own doubts, the haze of opioid painkillers and the tang of being unable to share his experiences with his reticent father. - Dominic Papatola, Pioneer Press 

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The Last Firefly, Boom  

"Vázquez plumbs Boom’s innocence with a doe-eyed physicality. Open and inviting, he draws us into his character’s spirit, making it easy for us to root for him as he travels through a forest of talking trees and riverbed rocks that come alive." - Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

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The Music Man, Winthrop

"Ricardo completely transforms into a ten-year-old boy, and not just any ten-year-old boy, but a sad, lost, troubled ten-year-old boy. When he begins to open up thanks to music and the band and friendship, it's a thing of beauty." - Jill Scheffer, Cherry and Spoon

Ricardo Vázquez’ portrayal as Marian’s lisping little brother Winthop is probably the closest thing you will find to casting to type in this production and his is a smart and sensitive reading of the role." - Dominic Papatola, Pioneer Press

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