Solo Work


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Juracán: The Jíbaro and his Three Sons

Juracán: The Jíbaro and his Three Sons traces the history of Puerto Rico, its people, and the many visitors that have claimed the island as their own. This action-packed 60min solo show is a bilingual, family-friendly adventure with music, mask, and audience participation. The history of the island from the Taíno kingdoms to the vulture capitalist aiming to turn Old San Juan into a future crypto-utopia for bitcoin billionaires is presented using pieces of debris left over from Hurricane María as the costumes, props, and locations.


Escúchame (Translation: Listen to me) 

ESCÚCHAME (translation: listen to me) incorporates Commedia mask, traditional songs, and verbatim text including journals, interviews, and tourism commercials to reveal a complex history and uncertain future for the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Through a virtuosic solo performance, ESCÚCHAME features a mosaic of characters including Christopher Columbus, Charles Herbert Allen, a young missionary, and the Taíno goddess of storms Guabancex. The words in ESCÚCHAME come directly from the mouths and pens that contributed to our contemporary image of this territory on the brink of economic collapse, and realigns the truths of the past for the next generation.

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