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"Working with Ricardo Vázquez is a gift. His dedication to you will push you to become the actor you have always envisioned to be. He is an advocator for the actor's personal truth."


 Why Coaching?

Landing the role, getting a callback, being accepted into a program, getting your union cards. The consistency and quality of your work will open doors and opportunities the more you are aware of your process and strengths. Your approach to acting needs to celebrate your unique impulses to generate success. Coaching allows you to step back and check in with current habits, choices, successes or barriers in your work to improve, enhance, jumpstart or focus your career.

Through coaching, we will take a diagnostic assessment of your work, facilitate an outline for your career aspirations, and help you build a personalized process that creates both ownership and consistency in the quality of your work while capitalizes on your strengths. Through character development, voice, breath, and action we will build a tool box for you to use for any audition, rehearsal, or performance opportunity. Land that role and take charge of your career!

Focus areas: Auditions For Commercial, Film, TV, Live TV, Theater, College Admissions, Hosting, Talent Agents. Career Networking, Memorizing Skill Building, Monologue Repertoire Curation, Self-Producing, Solo Performance Technique And Creation, Character Sculpting, Grounding For Film. Grounding For The Stage.


  • $70 for 1 hour

  • $80 for 90 min

  • $225 for 3 90 min sessions

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"Working with Ricardo has been wonderful. In our coaching sessions, he was able to ask probing questions that lead me to a deeper understanding of where these monologues might go further and what types of people these characters are. He's great at offering monologue suggestions. Whether it's contemporary or classical, comedic or dramatic, Ricardo will be able to work with you to craft clear, powerful, audition-ready monologues."